State Qualifiers

There were Matdogs competing at three different qualifier sites on Sat. March 17th.

Congrats to our State Qualifiers Louis Roller, Alissa Ziegelbauer, Zach Moss and Devin Johnson. Kaitlyn DeLaCruz is an alternate. Louis turned in an outstanding performance wrestling all the way back to second in a very tough bracket. He was truly a man on a mission yesterday. Zach also had to wrestle back to second. Eighth grader Alyssa gets to extend her Matdogs career one more week.

There was a lot of heart break yesterday as well. The team worked extremely hard all year and nobody wanted their season to end. Congrats to Michael, Jonah, Nevan, Keegan, Declan, William, Bailey, Cole, Wyatt, Owen B., Ollie, Owen M., Hunter and Aaron for competing in a State Qualifier. Nothing is given in this sport though. If you gave it your best effort out there you have nothing to hang your head about. Learn from the experience and become stronger from it.

see photos from the Fond du Lac Qualifier here